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Share My Web Statistics?

Michael Arrington at Tech Crunch announces that Google Analytics now lets webmasters share data with other Google products, and suggests that they should let us share web statistics with everyone, a suggestion that I find a little disturbing.

Like it or not, web marketing is cutthroat, and search engine optimizers are always looking for an edge on the competition — open web statistics are an invitation for somebody else to eat your lunch.

Personally, I like Quantcast, which provides public statistics about the readership of web sites that are useful for advertisers and others, but that respect the privacy of webmasters and users.

Our new web site, a collection of interactive 3-d polyhedra based on the canvas element and AJAX has just gone live.

It’s a really fun site that shows what can be done with Javascript in 2006. It turns out that Canvas performance is good enough in Firefox, Safari and Opera that simple 3-d rendering can be done in the browser. Unfortunately, it may be too late for Microsoft to add canvas support to IE, but the folks of Google have created a library that adds canvas support to Internet Explorer. Thanks to this, works on IE, even if it is a little poky.